Flaxseed Live Brea
made of raw vegetables and flaxseeds
Health, nutritional benefits
100% natural ingredients, low glycemic index and high fibre content

Flaxseeds make our products rich in natural lignans. They support hormonal balance and reduce the risk of hormone-dependent diseases.

Lignans and fibre also have anti-cancer properties. They are excellent in fighting modern day diseases such as heart problems or atherosclerosis. They nourish, moisturize and revitalize skin. Flaxseeds are super rich in essential fatty acids Omega 3, 6, 9. They contain even more essential fatty acids than a fish! Atlantic sea salt, handmade for thousands of years by French Paludiers, contains all necessary trace minerals, especially magnesium and potassium.

Healthy Lifestyle
Healthy diet is the best prescription for long and happy life.

It’s a feeling of youth regardless of age. Healthy diet supports body and mind balance. 42° products increase the life energy, immunity to stress, and improve whole wellness of body and mind. All this is possible thanks to the abundant nutritional values of our products.

42° products are for all who value healthy and active lifestyle!

42° offer is a treat for vegetarians, vegans,

and raw vegans, as well as those

who suffer from modern day health problems.

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42° Technology – Philosophy of Raw Food

Our production is based on innovative

approach which excludes complex food processing and high temperatures.

All products are carefully dried using precision equipment that monitors temperature and humidity. We never go above 42° C during the production. This approach allows to preserve nutritional benefits of our products. Our production is strictly ecological where the only production waste is organic. The organic waste is delivered to local farmers for compost.

All 42° products  are 100 % natural, without any food additives, colourants, preservatives or taste enhancers.

Hand Made

All 42° products are handmade. We carefully hand pick the ingredients and prepare our products according to the 42° Technology. We ensure that only the best products, full of nutrition and natural flavour, reach your table.

The most important thing for us is the people

– good relations, health and positive energy.

We are guided by the idea of Slow Food – we want to celebrate every moment and take care of positive relations with people, colleagues and partners 🙂

Our offer is addressed to two groups of consumers: the first one includes all those who are not indifferent to what goes on their table – they take care of their health and good shape, they know how important is the role of proper nutrition in the functioning of their bodies.

The second group consists of people suffering from ailments caused by celiac disease, allergy, hypertension or obesity. Our offer includes only the highest quality products: 100% natural, without preservatives and artificial enhancers – simply healthy 🙂

We are committed to building long-term relationships based on mutual respect and trust and mutual satisfaction with the cooperation.

Therefore, if you want to become our Partner or Distributor – contact us!


Slow, slow food

Slow Food is eating without rush,

It is celebration of the moment and the relations with others.

Slow Food is food made out of natural ingredients using traditional recipes.

Slow food is more

than just a way of eating.

It is a step toward Slow Life.

Slow life is a life style that unites the pleasure of eating with the local social responsibility and care for the natural environment.

Carlo Petrini, the creator of the concept of Slow Food, said “Slow Food unites the pleasure of eating with responsibility and balanced growth and harmony with nature. I choose Slow Food because if you want to change the world, you have to change your menu first”.

We support the Slow Food concept. Our products are made with highest precision. The very best organic ingredients are selected, preferably from local growers.  Handmade approach provides work for many people and gives unique character  to  our products.

Meet the 42° Products

100% natural ingredients
high protein content
The richness of antioxidants
high protein content
Source of natural lignans
low glycemic index
100% natural ingredients
high protein content
The richness of antioxidants
high protein content
Source of natural lignans
low glycemic index

composition: linseed, natural sesame,
sunflower, sea salt.

Linseed and Sunflower

ingredients: linseed, sesame, sunflower,
sea salt, onion, garlic.

Onion and Garlic

ingredients: linseed, sea salt, basil, dried tomatoes, chives, basil, sweet pepper.

Tomato and Basil

ingredients: beetroot, linseed, carrot, sunflower, onion, garlic, sea salt, marjoram, ginger.

ingredients: zucchini, onion, pumpkin, linseed, sunflower seeds, sesame, coconut, cumin, garlic, sea salt.


ingredients: sauerkraut, linseed, sunflower, plum, cumin, sea salt.


Cleansing juices

Do you want to feel how every cell of your body is filled with energy and vitality?
Would you like to feel good in your body again?
Be sure to try our cleansing juices!
We tested many compositions to choose those
which will be best for you – both in terms of properties and nutritional values,
as well as in terms of taste.
And we must admit that we were able to create something really special 🙂
We combined fruit and vegetables in a way that allowed us to conjure up
compositions full of intriguing taste and health coming straight from nature.
Every day we prepare them especially for you!
So that you can receive your daily dose of vitamins and cleansing.
But beware!
There is a catch …
The consequence of our vitamin cleansing treatment is weight loss and loss of several
cm here and there;)